Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two Drops In The Ocean

            Nineteen years ago my wife and I prayed for the Body of Christ in Israel that God would unite them and bring about His kingdom in Israel.  That same year God prompted two Messianic leaders to make aliyah.  Those two leaders have established several congregations in Israel that are raising up a new generation of mighty men and women of God.  This is a direct fulfillment of scripture and an answer to our prayers.
            I’m not taking credit for what God is doing in Israel.  It is just a wonderful confirmation and encouragement that God hears our prayers.  Even though we didn’t know of God’s answers to those prayers for many years, now as we look back over two decades we realize He heard our petitions and answered them.  But it wasn’t just our prayers He heard.  We have learned that Holy Spirit has been prompting His Body all over the world to pray for Israel in these days.  Believers in China have been interceding for Israel year after year, even though most of them have never visited Israel.  We have received reports of the Church in Asia, Europe, Africa have all been actively praying for God’s move in Israel.  I know many in South America as well as many other nations have been praying the same prayers.
            Our prayers are just two drops in an ocean of intercession that God’s Spirit has raised up to accomplish His purposes in the Last Days.  But every drop is important.  When enough drops of water come together they can become a mighty flood that sweeps away even the most stubborn obstacle.  There is a mighty tidal wave of God’s power overwhelming Satan’s plans and devices in these days.  “There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace…”  Isaiah 9:7.  Not even the gates of hell will be able to stand against the power of God’s Spirit.
            Keep praying for Israel and the expansion of God’s kingdom in the Earth.  Your prayers make a difference, even if you can’t see it.